Dear Parents:

 “Posture” is a topic you would not think is for kids, because bad posture and pain only show later in life. Developing good posture early on can have positive life long health benefits. Once kids are old enough to sit by themselves they should be encouraged to think about posture. Such early adaptation can make good posture second nature, strengthening core muscles and avoiding problems in later years.

Introducing the correct furniture height is very important, as there is no other way of maintaining the correct posture. For example: when a child is sitting on the ground playing, reading on the bed or studying at a desk too big for them.

Why should you choose “STUDY RIGHT”, the Height Adjustable Desk for your child?

Promotes good posture while your children read, write and paint at any age.

A poor fitting desk will result in the child repeatedly adapting poor posture positions. Having a perfectly arranged STUDY RIGHT desk and chair can be the first step in developing your child’s good posture. The desk and chair can be raised up easily to suit your child’s height.

Remain correct reading distance.

The correct distance for reading and writing is an average of 38cm from the eyes, height adjustable desk, tiltable desktop and book holder will help maintain the distance. Establish a good reading habit will be a big benefit for their later on life.


Help your child to focus better.

A lots parents complain that their kids can not focus for long. Please check their kids' study desk and chair, Are they comfortable enough for them? Are their feet on the ground? Does the desk is right height for them?

A comfortable desk and chair will help reduce their discomfort to help them focus longer.

Spend more time in their own area.

A fun, comfortable desk and chair will increase the time that they want to spend drawing a picture. 

Children like having their own special place, and when they have a STUDY RIGHT desk of their own, which is comfortable, bright, stylish and visually appealing. They’re more likely to stay there, which means they will read more, write more.

Take responsibility for themselves.

Once they have their own space, they will fell that their own responsibility to look after it. They can leave unfinish work on their own table and finish it later on. There will be no argument between family members because they know tidy up the desk is their own job.



-When sitting on the chair the child should have each foot flat on the floor.

-The knee should form a right angle with at most three fingers of space between the back of the knee and the chair edge.

-The height of the backrest should be set so the child’s torso is supported to just below the shoulder blades.

-The lower back should touch the back of the chair.

-The desktop should be 2 cm higher than the elbow level when seated.

-The forearms should rest on the desktop so that the neck muscles remain relaxed.

-There should be ample space for the legs under the desk.